We’re The Madames. We’re podcasters.

If you came here expecting a different kind of Madame, we’re sorry.
Blame Google.

Film has the power to move people, unite people, & expand your worldview.
It also has the power to make you laugh till you pee your pants.
Fortunately, so do we.

Just ask these folks:

“Madame Kris and Madame Amy are fucking hilarious!”

“You guys are the highlight of my week.”

“I love these ladies! Humor, knowledge, charisma – there’s no telling what’s going to happen on the show.”

“Amy and Kris are brilliant, engaging, and an absolute joy to listen to.”

Women on a Mission

The straight, white patriarchy is still alive & well in Hollywood. So our goal on The Madames Podcast is to raise awareness of the treatment of marginalized people on the big screen.


Join us as we laugh, cry, and roast the shit out of films & the people who make them.

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Special Announcement

Kris & Amy have a special announcement. Unfortunately, this is the final episode of The Madames. In this wrap-up, they explain why they’ve had to end the podcast so suddenly & unexpectedly. And Kris & Amy give thanks to all their listeners, followers, and friends who’ve supported them over the last 2 ½ years.

The episode archive will remain available until December 31.