In Agents of SHIELD S7E3:

In Agents of SHIELD S7E3, the show dives into the top-secret world of Area 51. Stuck in 1955, our favorite SHIELD agents split up to stop the Chronicoms from destroying the Zephyr in their continuing plot to colonize Earth as their new planet. Coulson & Simmons infiltrate the base, with Jemma impersonating the iconic co-founder of SHIELD, Agent Peggy Carter. Together they interrogate the science team to snuff out any Chronicoms. Back on the Zephyr, Mack, Daisy, YoYo, & Deke interrogate Gerald Sharpe about the Helius project to figure out the Chronicoms’ plan. Agent Daniel Sousa throws a wrench into things, but the team is able to thwart the Chronicoms for the time being. 

Agents of SHIELD S7E3
Jemma & Coulson

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For those who weren’t raised by television in the 1990s, here’s a clip of Perry “Coma” singing the national anthem of Anvilania:

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