In Agents of SHIELD S7E7:

In Agents of SHIELD S7E7, the Zephyr has jumped to who knows when or where. It leaves Mack and Deke stranded at River’s End. While Mack is wallowing in grief, Deke is renovating the Lighthouse and training the “Deke Squad” to take on Sybil and her new Chronicom hunters. With a little help from TV Coulson and unyielding support from Deke, Mack eventually comes around to lead Deke’s new team and defeat the killer robots. However, Sybil manages to escape & team up with Nathaniel Malick. The team is reunited when the Zephyr somehow returns to 1983, with May and YoYo leading the rescue charge. 

Deke in Agents of SHIELD S7E7

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