In the Agents of SHIELD Series Finale:

In discussing the Agents of SHIELD Series Finale, the Madames try & fail to hide their disappointment. While they do discuss parts they enjoyed (oh that FitzSimmons happy ending!) Kris & Amy take particular issue with lazy writing, Coulson & May’s arcs, & Nu Metal lost boy Nathaniel Malick. Overall, they were left scratching their heads about many aspects of this final mission to take down Sybil: 

If Malick can take as many powers as he wants, why did he ever need John Garrett? Or even Kora?
Speaking of Kora, how did she survive the leaching of her powers?
And how was Daisy not space confetti after blowing up the Chronicom ship?
Why was Fitz ever in any danger if he was in a totally different timeline?

And the Madames feel duty-bound to discuss the blatant “parallels” to Avengers: Endgame, especially the introduction of the Quantum Realm. 

Fitz returns in the Agents of SHIELD series finale

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