In AoS Seasons 4-6:

In recapping AoS Seasons 4-6, the Madames discuss the insanity of LMDs, life in AIDA’s framework, & time travel whilst trapped in a lighthouse. We talk about the very different lives Coulson, May, Mack, & Fitz are leading in the alternate HYDRA reality, as well as Daisy & Jemma’s efforts to bring everyone home. Then we head to the future with Enoch and the team to try & prevent the destruction of Earth. We’ll cover some new additions to the cast, including Ghost Rider, Deke, Flint, General Hale, and her delightful daughter, Ruby. Finally, we have plenty to say about Sarge & Co. as we rant about the team’s efforts to stop Izel from, you guessed it, destroying the world. 

No Inhumans were harmed during the making of this episode. 

AoS Seasons 4-6 cast

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