Kris & Amy, previously known as “The Marvelous Madames,” have cut ties with Marvel and are now simply “The Madames.” From now on, The Madames Podcast will have a monthly theme with weekly episodes fitting into that theme. And you listeners will have more say in the movies and themes we choose.

We’ll also be expanding our Patreon tiers and content, so stay tuned for those updates next month!

New episodes begin Monday, August 1 when we take on one of the biggest movies of the year, The Batman, as part of our transitional “Nerding Out” month.

In the meantime, we’re back on social media, so come chat with us: @TheMadamesPod on Twitter & Instagram

And you can listen to Kris’s recent guest appearance on the Chick-Lit Podcast. She had a blast chatting with hosts Karyn & Aubree about Thor: Ragnarok.

We value our listeners’ opinions more than any others. So if you have thoughts about our new format, you can also email us:

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