In this episode on Daredevil S2 Eps 4-5:

In this episode on Daredevil S2 Eps 4-5, the Madames delve further into the comparisons between Daredevil and The Punisher, looking at both the men & the vigilantes. They tear their hair out discussing the blossoming relationship between Matt & Karen while lamenting Matt’s growing feelings for Elektra. And much to Kris’s chagrin & Amy’s delight, they can’t help but see parallels to Fisk & Vanessa’s relationship.

Frank Castle in Daredevil S2 Eps 4-7

Daredevil originated as a Netflix series. Season 2 stars Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll, Jon Bernthal, Elodie Yung, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Stephen Rider, and Scott Glenn.

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References in our episode:

Tony Curran as Vincent Van Gogh:

Frank Castle & John Wick have a lot in common:

So do Matt Murdock & Jed Bartlett:

And Daredevil & Batman also have a lot to bond over:

Frank Castle blowing up the Irish money was a Joker move:

Matt Murdock really needs to meet Lucius Fox:

Matt is much more obtuse than the warden at Shawshank:

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