In Hawkeye Eps 1 and 2:

In this episode on Moon Knight Ep 5:

The Madames discuss Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s time in the asylum in Moon Knight Ep 5. Kris & Amy don’t see eye to eye on the quality & direction of the writing, leaving them to speculate about missing plot points & as yet unseen characters Jake Lockley & Duchamp. And while they dive deeply into the representation of mental illness and Judaism, Kris & Amy still make time to fangirl over the adorable Tawaret.

Tawaret the goddess of the afterlife in Moon Knight Ep 5

Moon Knight is a Disney+ series that continues Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, F. Murray Abraham, & May Calamawy.

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Anyone else want to play Hungry, Hungry, Hippos after this episode?

Kris can’t bring herself to watch Training Day:

James McAvoy gave a stellar performance in Glass:

Get double the Paul Rudd in Living With Yourself:

Mr. Robot also features a character with DID:

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