In Loki S1E3:

In Loki S1E3, Sylvie, the Loki Variant whom the Time Variance Authority have been pursuing, attempts to infiltrate the TVA. Loki follows and confronts Sylvie, but teaming up with God of Mischief doesn’t appeal to her. Facing certain death at the hands of Ravonna Renslayer, Loki transports himself and Sylvie through a time door to the moon Lamentis-1, which is facing an imminent apocalypse. Alas, the TemPad battery dies. So Loki and Sylvie have to charge it and try to escape before Lamentis-1 blows up. Along the way, they learn more about each other’s pasts, developing mutual respect and, ultimately, trust. When Loki breaks the Tempad, he and Sylvie plan to hijack the evacuation vessel to escape the dying moon. But before they reach the ark, a huge boulder destroys it, stranding Loki and Sylvie in the apocalypse.

Loki & Sylvie on Lamentis in Loki S1E3
Loki & Sylvie

Loki is Marvel’s third Disney+ show, continuing Phase 4 of the MCU. Itstars Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, and Sophia DiMartino. 

To start at the beginning of our Loki series, check out Episode 1.

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Hayley Kiyoko’s “Demons” is full of clues:

The TVA is as nefarious as The Overlook Hotel:

Love can make for Lovesick Blues:

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