In this episode on Spider-Man 2:

Kris is joined by Josh & Lewanika, hosts of the Tabletop Journeys Podcast, to discuss Spider-Man 2. Lewanika brings his comic book expertise and explains how Spider-Man 2 is very true to the comics, but in the worst ways, especially when it comes to the arcs of Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, and MJ Watson. Along with Josh’s movie & literary knowledge, they discuss how Sam Raimi’s style fails to translate for this movie genre. They also talk about major inconsistencies with the script. And Kris has plenty to say about the careless misogyny that is rampant in a movie so obviously directed by a white male of a certain age. 

Peter Parker & MJ Watson in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 falls outside of the MCU proper. It stars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina, JK Simmons, and Rosemary Harris.  

To start our commentary on the Raimi Trilogy from the beginning, check out our episode on Spider-Man.

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References in our episode:

Christopher Reeve understood the transformative process:

Dr. Octavius could’ve used a lecture from Dr. Malcolm:

Peter’s landlord was much better at being a hijacker:

Kris would channel her inner George Costanza if faced with a supervillain:

Kirsten Dunst had more agency as a 12-year-old vampire than as MJ Watson:

Matthew Lillard had the right idea as far as we’re concerned:

Alfred Molina makes Dudley Do-Right worth it:

Enjoy a Joel McHale compilation:

Rachel Dawes is the kind of woman we want to more of:

JJ and his diner are a Pawnee institution:

Michael Keaton will always be Batman:

Daphne Moon was a much better human than MJ Watson:

Rachel didn’t get on the plane:

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