In TFATWS Ep 3, Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes break Baron Zemo out of prison to help track down the source of the super-soldier serum. The trio heads undercover to Madripoor, where they meet with Zemo’s contact, Selby. She offers that Dr. Wilfred Nagel recreated the serum, but won’t divulge his location. But before Zemo can make a deal, Sam accidentally blows their cover. Then, a “guardian angel” kills Selby & her goons. However, Sam, Bucky, and Zemo immediately have bounties on their heads for her murder. Sharon Carter, former S.H.I.EL.D. agent, unexpectedly intercepts the trio.

Sharon is now running a criminal business in Madripoor since the Avengers abandoned her & the U.S. declared her an enemy of the state. Sharon begrudgingly helps the trio locate Nagel in his shipping yard laboratory. He admits to making 20 vials of super-soldier serum for the Power Broker but reveals they were all stolen by Karli Morgenthau. Zemo kills Nagel and an explosive firefight ensues. After holding off the enemy, Sharon returns to her intriguing business while Sam, Bucky, and Zemo head to Latvia to regroup. But Ayo, one of Wakanda’s Dora Milaje, confronts Bucky immediately. Ayo intends to capture Zemo and bring him to Wakanda to face justice for the murder of King T’Chaka.

While Sam, Bucky, and Zemo are galavanting around Madripoor, Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers cross the line to murder. And an increasingly frustrated John Walker is planning to get reckless. 

Zemo, Sam, Bucky, and Sharon in TFATWS Ep 3
Zemo, Sam, Bucky, & Sharon

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Disney+ series stars Anthony Mackie, Sebastian, Wyatt Russell, Emily Van Camp, Daniel Bruhl, Adepero Oduye, Erin Kellyman, and Amy Aquino.

To start at the beginning of our TFATWS series, check out Episode 1.

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For those who haven’t seen John Wick, you’ll notice the parallels:

Unlike Batman, John Walker is the hero America currently deserves:

Here’s a PBS primer on Operation Paperclip:

Sharon Carter might be pulling a Sean Bean:

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