In this episode on The Incredible Hulk:

The Madames discuss 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner, our sort-of-hero, is accidentally exposed to gamma radiation. As a result, he now turns into a giant green monster when he gets angry. Following a devastating Hulk-out, the U.S. military goes on the hunt for Banner. Led by General Thunderbolt Ross, the military makes a real mess of things. But with the help of his girlfriend Betty Ross, Banner eventually finds his way home. However, his reprieve is short-lived. Ross sics the Abomination on Banner, who defeats the monster. Alas, Banner then goes back into hiding.

Join us on the journey with broody Bruce as he walks across South America & Hulk smashes his way across the eastern seaboard of the United States. 

Bruce Banner before transforming into The Incredible Hulk
Edward Norton as Bruce Banner

The Incredible Hulk is (begrudgingly) the second film in both Phase 1 of the MCU & the Infinity Saga. It stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, William Hurt, and Tim Roth.

To start at the beginning of the Infinity Saga, check out our discussion of Iron Man.

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