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The Madames roast the film that has them wondering why it was even made since Malekith’s problem could’ve been solved with a trip to Sunglass Hut. They discuss how the movie is barely about Thor or The Dark World, which is kind of a problem since the movie is called Thor: The Dark World. There’s also plenty of ranting about the tone-deaf treatment of women, particularly Jane Foster, whose character assassination is on par with Abraham Lincoln’s. And of course, no episode covering the Thor franchise would be complete without Kris salivating over Loki like a cartoon wolf. 

Loki & Thor on a mountain in Thor: The Dark World
Loki & Thor

Thor: The Dark World is the second film in the Thor franchise and Phase Two of the MCU. Overall it is the eighth film of the Infinity Saga.

The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, Kat Dennings, Stellan Skarsgard, and Christopher Eccleston. 

For a deep dive into Loki’s comic powers, check out our blog post. And to start the Asgardian journey from the beginning, listen to our Thor episode.

References in our episode:

Just like the Dark Elves, Pennywise has a schedule:

Heimdall needs a chair like the security guard on Seinfeld:

If you’re a gamer like Amy, check out the trailer for Forza Horizon 5:

Jane’s eyes were black like a doll’s eyes:

A more emotional version of Loki in the dungeon:

Kris was as terribly vexed as Commodus:

RIP Alan Rickman:

Malekith was as awful as Jim Carrey’s Riddler:

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