In What If S1E6:

In this episode on What If S1E6, the Madames lightly touch on the plot. But for personal reasons on Kris’s part, they focus on the latest Marvel news & rumors. But here’s the plot of S1E6:

Tony Stark is never kidnapped by The Rings and, therefore, never becomes Iron Man. Instead, he is rescued by Erik Stevens, a.k.a. Killmonger, a Navy SEAL on a mission in Afghanistan. Upon Tony’s return, Killmonger reveals to the world that Obadiah Stane was behind Tony’s attempted kidnapping. Out of gratitude and hope, Tony hires Killmonger to replace Stane as the COO of Stark Industries, a decision that makes Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan nervous. Charmed by Killmonger’s intellect & manipulations, Tony works with him to create a drone army. When it’s clear something is missing, Killmonger suggests they go searching for vibranium to improve the drones. Col. James Rhodes accompanies Killmonger to a meeting with Ulysses Klaw. Klaw & his forces are attacked by T’Challa, Wakanda’s Black Panther. Killmonger betrays Rhodey and kills him, revealing that he has been working with Klaw to draw out Killmonger’s cousin T’Challa, whom he also murders.

Killmonger spins the incident to make Wakanda look like the aggressor, but Tony knows the truth thanks to JARVIS Killmonger then kills Tony before he can reveal the truth, though Pepper continues to be suspicious of the SEAL. General Ross uses the PATRIOT Act to take over Stark Industries, build a drone army, and wage war against Wakanda. Meanwhile, Killmonger brings the Wakandans Klaw’s body to paint himself as a hero and the prodigal son returned. He wins the battle with the Stark drones and manipulates everyone, including King T’Chaka, who makes Killmonger the new Black Panther. But Shuri isn’t fooled. She travels to New York to formulate a plan with Pepper to reveal the truth.  

Tony & Killmonger in What If S1E6
Tony & Killmonger

Episode 6 stars Michael B. Jordan, Jeffrey Wright, Chadwick Boseman, Angela Bassett, Danai Gurira, Andy Serkis, Don Cheadle, Paul Bettany, Leslie Bibb, John Kani, Mick Wingert, Beth Hoyt, Kiff VandenHeuvel, and Ozioma Akagha.

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