Our Mission

Making a movie or a television show is a huge collaborative effort, and we recognize the value of everyone involved. With Studio Sessions, we spotlight the creatives who work behind the camera, as well as those in front of it. And since we’re a podcast by women for women, they’re our priority.

Women in Film

According to the Center for the Study of Women in Film, women are still woefully underrepresented amongst executives, directors, writers, & other creatives in the film industry. Furthermore, there is still a substantial pay gap between men and women who perform the same jobs. In shining a light on the work and achievements of women, we hope to raise awareness of the ongoing battle they face.

AC Bradley, writer and executive producer of Marvel's What If series.
Natalia Holt, composer of Marvel's Loki series
CC Ice, stunt double of Elizabeth Olsen on Marvel's WandaVision series and in MCU proper
Joel Stoffer, star of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Nina Lopez-Corrado, director of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Chikako Suzuki, supervising art director of WandaVision