In this episode on Daredevil S2 Eps 11-13:

In this episode on Daredevil S2 Eps 11-13, the Madames finish up their commentary series with the final three episodes. They struggle with their feelings on Stick (the dick) & Elektra and credit the show’s excellent writing. Kris & Amy also discuss why Karen Page is a great role model for women in many ways. And there is much sighing over the many poor choices of Matt Murdock, the most delusional man in the world.

Elektra being placed in the resurrection chamber in Daredevil S2 Eps 11-13

Daredevil originated as a Netflix series. Season 2 stars Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll, Jon Bernthal, Elodie Yung, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Stephen Rider, and Scott Glenn.

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References in our episode:

George Costanza might’ve actually been useful for those terrible cops:

There’s a lot of Robert DeNiro in Jon Bernthal:

Stick & Harry Morgan have a lot in common:

Elektra is as warm & cuddly as Cujo:

Karen Page is the Clarice Starling of Hell’s Kitchen:

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