In Agents of SHIELD S7E2:

In Agents of SHIELD S7E2, our heroes split up into three teams. Coulson, Daisy, Jemma, & YoYo must interrogate the mysterious Lady in Red at E.H. Koenig’s speakeasy to ascertain HYDRA’s plans. Meanwhile, Deke & Mack have no idea they’re protecting Wilfred “Freddy” Malick, future head of HYDRA, as he delivers a key ingredient of the super-soldier serum to his Nazi handler, identity unknown. And back on the Zephyr, Enoch is doing his best to keep a very un-May May from leaving the plane & wreaking havoc on the space-time continuum. The teams converge in a classic gangster shootout with the Chronicoms, who are still determined to wipe out S.H.I.E.L.D. & take Earth for themselves. Forced to leave Enoch behind with Koenig, the team then takes off on a time tide to Nevada, circa the late 1940s, early 1950s. We’ll meet up with the team & Agent Daniel Sousa next week at Area 51!

Agents of SHIELD S7E2
Coulson & Co.

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References in our episode:

Here’s the full version of Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh:

Here’s the trailer for Public Enemies, which should be rebooted starring Clark Gregg & The Coulson Gang:

And lastly, we have real outlaws Bonnie & Clyde and fictional outlaws Thelma & Louise:

Bonnie & Clyde are referenced in the Agents of SHIELD S7E2 episode
Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow
Thelma & Louise are referenced in the Agents of SHIELD S7E2 episode
Thelma & Louise

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