In Agents of SHIELD S7E5:

In Agents of SHIELD S7E5, the team must prevent HYDRA from launching Project Insight, a satellite system they’ll use to kill SHIELD assets, including Bruce Banner, Peggy Carter, & Nick Fury. And while that’s happening, Coulson & May struggle with their relationship. Daisy & Sousa are kidnapped by Nathaniel Malick. Deke kills Wilfred Malick. A very nervous, disoriented Jemma begs Enoch for help. And Mack’s parents are taken hostage by HYDRA! Mack aborts the mission to stop the launch, and the Zephyr takes out the rocket. But the team is left scattered & in more danger than they know. The Chronicoms may want them dead, but Daniel Whitehall may have something worse in store for Daisy.

Coulson & Co. in Agents of SHIELD S7E5
Coulson & Co.

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