In Agents of SHIELD S7E9

In Agents of SHIELD S7E9, the Zephyr is trapped in a time storm. The team is forced to reenact Groundhog Day until they either fix the time drive or get sucked into a vortex of non-existence. In a crazy series of time loops, Daisy & a very frustrated Coulson are the only ones who can remember the previous loops & explain the predicament to the team. Deke quickly realizes that removing Jemma’s implant is the key to fixing the time drive. With Daisy & Coulson in on the secret, the four work together to remove Diana, only to be thwarted by a murderous Enoch, who is unaware of his programming to protect the implant at all costs.

After several failed attempts, Daisy is finally able to distract Enoch long enough to remove Jemma’s implant by enlisting Sousa, Mack, May, & YoYo as diversions. Once freed of the implant, Jemma reveals that Enoch’s electronic core is the only device that can stabilize the time drive, but that Enoch will die without the core. Enoch removes his core anyway, sacrificing himself so the team can fix the time drive and complete the mission. And while all this is going down, Nathaniel Malick is busy teaching Cora how to use and control her powers. 

Enoch in Agents of SHIELD S7E9

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