In Agents of SHIELD S7E8:

In Agents of SHIELD S7E8, YoYo seeks Jiaying’s help at Afterlife to regain her Inhuman power. At Daisy’s suggestion, May joins YoYo for that mission while the rest of the team remains aboard the Zephyr in hopes of fixing the time drive. Mack & Jemma look to a depressed new Coulson for answers, but he has neither the knowledge nor the spirit to help. Sousa, Deke, & Enoch also strike out, so it’s up to YoYo to regain her super-speed & remove the problematic piece of the time drive.

With help from May & Jiaying, YoYo releases the buried feelings that have been suppressing her power, but Nathaniel Malick crashes the party. With a force of HYDRA goons, Malick attacks Afterlife and recruits Jiaying’s dangerous daughter, Cora, to his side. May & YoYo escape, with plans to rendezvous later with Jiaying & Gordon. Once back on the Zephyr, YoYo regains her power & is able to “pull the plug” on the time drive. But something goes wrong, & the Zephyr is once again pulled through time with no idea where or when they are going.  

May & Yo-yo in Agents of SHIELD S7E8
May & Yo-yo

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