In Daredevil S1E1:

Following the Battle of New York in The Avengers, we enter the dark, seedy world of Hell’s Kitchen. Matt Murdock is a freshly sworn lawyer by day and a masked vigilante by night. He also happens to be blind – kind of. Matt & his long-suffering legal partner, Foggy Nelson, jump into a fishy murder case involving Karen Page, whose employer (and corporate Big Bad of the season), Union Allied, has marked her for death. But the “devil of Hell’s Kitchen” saves her, and Karen exposes a major Union Allied scandal. Matt & Foggy hire a very grateful Karen as the secretary at their fledgling law firm, Nelson & Murdock. For now, Foggy and Karen are both unaware of Matt’s part-time ninja job and superish sensory powers.

Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, in his office in Hell's Kitchen
Matt Murdock

Daredevil is the launch point for the Netflix universe of Marvel shows. It stars Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D’onofrio, Toby Leonard Moore, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Ayelet Zurer, Bob Gunton, & Rosario Dawson.

References in our episode:

Before he was Foggy Nelson, our fellow millennials knew Elden Henson as Fulton Reed:

Hell’s Kitchen is very similar to Gotham City. The bad guys all have their meetings/group therapy sessions in odd places:

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