In Loki S1E2:

In Loki S1E2, the Loki Variant kills another team of TVA Minutemen and takes one hostage. While simultaneously pursuing his own agenda, Loki helps Agent Mobius investigate. Loki discovers that the Variant is hiding from the Time Variance Authority within apocalyptic events throughout history. So Judge Renslayer reluctantly approves a mission, led by Hunter B-15, to 2050 Alabama. Loki, Mobius, and the Minutemen walk right into a trap set by the Loki Variant, who is revealed to be a woman. Her true identity is unclear, as is her overall plan. She subdues Loki and uses reset charges to bomb the Sacred Timeline, causing chaos at the TVA. The mystery woman then escapes through a time door and Loki follows, with Agent Mobius and Hunter B-15 too late to stop him.  

The Variant on Loki S1E2

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