In this TFATWS Roundtable episode:

This TFATWS roundtable episode was born of the fact that representation matters. Madame Kris is joined by three guest panelists of color who share their thoughts on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Marvel’s promises of diversity:

Hanako Ricks, creator & host of The Fandom Hybrid Podcast 

Hanako on Twitter   Instagram

Fandom Hybrid Website

Darrell Taylor, host of The Mighty Marvel Mix Podcast & founder of the Taylor Network of Podcasts

Darrell on Twitter   Instagram

The Mighty Marvel Mix on Twitter   Instagram

The Taylor Network Website

Robert Young, contributor to Spectrum Lounge Podcast

Robert on Twitter  

Spectrum Lounge on Twitter

Host Rebecca Theodore-Vachon on Twitter

Captain America is discussed in the TFATWS Roundtable episode
Captain America

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Disney+ series stars Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Wyatt Russell, Emily Van Camp, Daniel Bruhl, Adepero Oduye, and Erin Kellyman.

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References in our episode:

For more information on the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, check out this piece from VICE:

The teenage girl killed by a police officer following the Chauvin verdict was Ma’Khia Bryant. Check out this Vox article for details.

Renowned documentarian Ken Burns made a film about the Central Park Five. Here’s the trailer:

In 2020, New York state repealed the 50-A law shielding police from investigations into their misconduct records. Read more on this at the Innocence Project

For a thorough accounting of the death of Breonna Taylor and the aftermath, check out this piece from the BBC

For a deep dive into Marvel’s history of social & political activism, check out our blog post on the subject.

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